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Whether it’s a change of your circumstances, a change of ownership between related parties, or a change of title details, we will guide you through.

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Our Transfer Services

If you’re looking to transfer legal ownership of a property’s title from one person to another, we can prepare and lodge the necessary documents.

We help you navigate the complexities of property transfer and ensure you’re interests are always protected and everything is ready to go on settlement day.

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How the property transfer process works

We offer stress-free conveyancing services to help you transfer the property title.


Type of transfer

Property transfers typically occur during a divorce, court order, deceased estate, or inheritance. After speaking to your accountant or tax advisor, we can help you determine the type of title transfer needed.


The finer details

If there is a mortgage involved or the property is under a company or trust, we assess the complexity of your transfer to determine the best solution for you.


Preparing the paperwork

Depending on the type of transfer, we will get the correct paperwork required ready and co-ordinate with all parties involved, such as banks, government, council, and utility providers.


Lodgement of transfer

Once all documents are collected, we will submit them on your behalf. It may take some time to process, but we will let you know once the transfer is completed.

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