Conveyancing Legal Services

Conveyancing Legal Services

Buying or selling a house for most people is one of the biggest purchases and/or decisions they will make in their lifetime. At Victor Legal, we aim to take the stress out of the conveyancing process so that you can sit back and focus on the next chapter in your life.

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Our conveyancing services are charged on a fixed fee basis as follows.

Buying or Selling

We charge on a fixed fee basis plus disbursements (such as title searches, council or water rate searches, PEXA fees, PPSR searches, land tax searches or community management documents) for sales or purchases. The cost of disbursements can vary from $150.00 to $500.00 or more depending on the number and type of searches you instruct us undertake. We will provide you with a detailed list of searches that we can obtain including those that are commonly known as standard searches.


We charge a fixed fee basis plus disbursements to prepare and lodge the necessary documents to transfer legal ownership of a property’s title from one person to another. In preparation, we will complete the transfer form and property information form (a form which is used to notify local authorities of the dealings on the property) as well as assess whether any exemptions from stamp duty apply to your specific circumstances (for instance, transactions that are executed in accordance with a Court order made under Part VIII of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cwlth).

Conveyancing matters with Victor Legal

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The Victor Legal app is listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it is FREE to use. The secure branded app allows us to proactively communicate with our clients via push notifications and a chat function. If you typically go everywhere with your smartphone, you will love our app for these reasons:

  • Receive instant matter updates at a click of a button.  
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Given that buying or selling a house can often be a complex process, having the help of experienced conveyancing solicitors can make the process easier for you.

When it comes to conveyancing, you can rely on the expert services of the Victor Legal team of professionals. By hiring an expert to take care of the details on your behalf, you’re not only saving yourself time and stress, but we can ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible and no detail is missed. 

Conveyancing solicitors in Brisbane you can rely on

If you’re looking for an experienced conveyancing solicitor to help you settle, then get in touch with Victor Legal today. If you’d like to learn about how Victor Legal can help you with the conveyancing process, book a free 10-minute pre-consultation phone call with us. To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us — we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.
We also offer various services in other areas of the law, including building and construction law, debt recovery, defamation, litigation and dispute resolution and personal and corporate insolvency. Get in touch with Victor Legal today to find out how we can help you.


What is property conveyancing?

When you buy or sell a house, the settlement process and transfer of ownership are referred to as conveyancing. Conveyancing involves a lot of legal paperwork to ensure that everything is above board. As the buyer, you will want to know if there are any restrictions or issues with the property before you sign anything; and as the seller, you want to ensure that the entire transaction moves ahead as smoothly as possible.

What does a conveyancer do?

A conveyancer is someone who can take care of all the legal paperwork that comes with buying and selling a property and transferring ownership. Moving house can be a stressful and busy time, and by hiring a conveyancing solicitor, you’re freeing up time to focus on other things. Essentially, a conveyancing solicitor can ensure that all the correct paperwork is finalised and that absolutely nothing has been missed. They will also be in contact with the other party (whether you are the buyer or seller) and can relay any important information from them to you.

Some of the property-related searches that a conveyancer conducts include:

  • Structural — Does the property have any existing structural issues and is it structurally sound?
  • Pest report — Are there issues with pests such as termites and ants?
  • Local authority — Are there plans to develop the land the property is located on (for example, building or expanding a motorway)
  • Strata (for apartments only) — Is the apartment complex able to sustain the running of the building?
  • Environmental — What environmental factors (such as flooding or even landslides) could affect the property?
  • Title search — Does the property definitely belong to the seller and are there any liabilities for the buyer when purchasing the property?

How much should property conveyancing cost?

At Victor Legal, we believe that legal services should be accessible, transparent and easy to understand. As a boutique law firm in Brisbane, we take great pride in our professional yet personable approach. We always strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and to achieve the best possible results. 
Our competitive conveyancing property fees reflect our values and our commitment to customer service. Whether you’re buying, selling or transferring property, we offer a fixed fee plus disbursements. For buying and selling, the cost of disbursements can vary — from $150 to $500 or more, dependent on the type and number of searches we are directed to undertake. If you would like to find out more about our rates and fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a lawyer?

In Australia, the term ‘lawyer’ is used very broadly and essentially refers to anyone who practices law as a profession. However, most lawyers specialise in a particular area — such as property law. Someone who practices law and specialises in property law is known as a property lawyer or a conveyancing lawyer. Property lawyers often have a very wide pool of knowledge when it comes to property law in Australia, which also covers conveyancing. In comparison, a conveyancer is someone who focuses solely on conveyancing and is highly trained in that particular area.

How long is the property conveyancing process?

Generally speaking, the conveyancing process should take between 4 and 8 weeks after the contracts have been exchanged. However, it can sometimes be longer or shorter, depending on whether or not your conveyancer’s searches reveal anything unexpected that will need to be dealt with, such as a pest problem or structural issues with the building.

Where can I find a conveyancer near me?

Victor Legal is based in Greenslopes, but we’re able to offer our legal services to Ipswich, Logan and the Sunshine Coast. If you’re searching for a conveyancing solicitor near me and you’re in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, the team of professionals at Victor Legal would be happy to help you.

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